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Tunnel Visions has a tumblr. Follow it for news.We’ve posted two new songs for free download there!

Tunnel Visions has a tumblr. Follow it for news.We’ve posted two new songs for free download there!


premiere: Tunnel Visions - Monera

Michael Floering wrote me about his hype-mellow dream cycle song for me to understand a bit of the creation myth:

Dear Mark,

In 2009 Wil Fady and I became friends. We met at school in Tampa and it was too hot. Tampa wasn’t great but we enjoyed each other’s company. Later that year I transferred to New College.

New College was an hour south in Sarasota with only about 800 students. We visited each other pretty often. We explored. We improvised in a barren place. We each went through a lot. It all brought us closer, and eventually I came to see him as my best friend.

In the summer of 2011 we recorded some sounds Wil had been sitting on. These were beautiful, compact sequences. He has a way with tiny keyboards. By 2012 these songs were beginning to define us (if music did). I could no longer take Sea Things seriously and we both grew into these new songs. We spent as many weekends as we could burning fossil fuel to meet up and work as hard as we knew how to.

In May 2012 I graduated and it was time to get the fuck out of Florida. We’ve always known we would. By this time the songs consumed me. I loved these songs and I loved Wil but I had move, for myself.

I moved to Massachusetts with a gorgeous person whom I love to death. An hour’s drive from Wil became 20. But the momentum was strong. Minus a few dry spells, we worked on the album until October 2013. I learned to mix. (I learned that I have a lot to learn.) I made it hard for myself. I favored the low-fidelity material from Florida - imbued with Gulf Coast humidity and our young alchemy. Even when re-recording would have saved me weeks of looping and slow learning. We called each other daily and tried to bridge the gap.

Now we have an album we are extremely proud of. When I hear these songs they echo out from Florida, a spit of sand, a place of vapor, the husk of speculation. A pit where love cropped up. When I hear these songs I think of my best friend.

We would love to premiere the album with you. The posted release date is April 1st. Are you interested? We would be overjoyed!

More details:

Thank you dearly for your time,
Michael Floering

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Tunnel Visions

new eye candy

Between summer 2011 and winter 2013, my primary musical focus was a new project: Tunnel Visions. The album comes out on April 1st. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s meant a lot to me.

Here’s the first single, "Crystalis." Enjoy!

Sea Things- ‘Islet’ (DL this track)

premiered as part of the exquisite On Repeat Vol. 1 at Keep On Repeat, go see the post there & stream the whole mix & download it too!

Squadda Bambino - 72 Bus Stop (Sea Things Remix)